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Publications within the SUPER-project:


Published peer-reviewed articles related to SUPER

Barthel, S., Folke, C. and Colding, J. 2010. Social-ecological memory in gardening: Retaining the capacity for management of ecosystem services. Global Environmental Change 20: 255–265
Ernstson H., Barthel S., Andersson E., and Borgström S. T. 2010. Scale-crossing brokers and network governance of urban ecosystem services: The case of Stockholm. Ecology and Society, 15 (4), 28.
Ernstson, H., van der Leeuw, S.E., Redman, C.L., Meffert, D.J., Davis, G., Alfsen, C. and Elmqvist, T. 2010. Urban transitions: On urban resilience and human-dominated ecosystems. AMBIO Published online: 29 July 2010. DOI 10.1007/s13280-010-0081-9.
Snep, R.P.H., Opdam, P. (2010). Integrating nature values in urban planning and design. In: Gaston K (ed). Urban Ecology. Series: Ecological Reviews. Cambridge University Press. pp.261-286.
Wilkinson, C., Porter, L. and Colding, J. 2010. Resilience science and metropolitan planning – the challenge of operationalising social-ecological resilience beyond its metaphorical power. Critical Planning, Summer 2010: 2-20.

Submitted / accepted manuscripts

Barthel, S., Colding, J., Ernstson, H. and Parker, J. (accepted) Urbanization and the trajectory of starvation - the historical role of urban agriculture in periods of food crises. Accepted for a book-chapter in Folke, C and Sörlin, S.(eds). Aspects of Regime shifts.
Barthel, S. Parker, J. Folke, C and Colding J. Urban Gardens-Pockets of Social-Ecological Memory. In Tidball, KG and ME Krasny, eds. (2011, expected) Greening in the Red Zone: Disaster, Resilience, and Community Greening. Springer-Verlag.
Colding, J. in press. Creating incentives for increased public engagement in ecosystem management through urban commons. Chapter 13 in Adapting Institutions: Meeting the Challenge of Global Environmental Change. Boyd, E. and Folke, C. (Eds). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.
Colding, J. in press. The role of ecosystem services in contemporary urban planning. In Breuste, J., Elmqvist, T., Niemelä, J. & James, P. (eds), Ecosystems, Ecosystem Services and Social Systems in Urban Landscapes, OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS, Oxford, UK.
Snep, RPH, WallisDeVries, MF, Opdam, P (subm.). Conservation where people work: A role for business districts and industrial areas in enhancing endangered butterfly populations? Landscape and Urban Planning.
Timmermans W, Snep RPH (subm.). Bridging the gap between architecture and biodiversity conservation – a step beyond ‘greening’ buildings. In: Haas T (ed). SUSTAINABLE URBANISM AND BEYOND: Rethinking cities for the future. Rizzoli Press.

Scientific publications (in manus, in prep or submitted)

Israelsson, E. and Ernstson, H. (in preparation). People-centered biodiversity conservation in Cape Town: transforming policy to practice in a context of urban poverty. Ecology and Society.

The SUPER Book Project:
Colding, J., Barthel, S., Ernstson, H., Wilkinson, C., Jansson, Å., and Elmqvist, T. (eds). Exploring Cities and Ecosystem Services through the Lens of Resilience. Book project in collaboration with Stockholm Resilience Centre and the SUPER project, for submission to Cambridge University Press (CUP).

Of the SUPER participants, the following contribute with chapters:
Colding, J., Barthel, S., Ostrom, E., Berkes, F., and Lawrence, A. The potential of urban commons for building resilience in urban social-ecological systems.
Ernstson, H. and Sörlin, S. The social articulation of ecosystem services: how humans are needed for ecosystem services to exist in urban decision-making.
Snep, R. and van der Knaap, W. Resilience planning for climate change and biodiversity loss in the Netherlands.
Tezer, A., Aksehirli, I., and Ozyetgin, A. The role of the Omerli watershed for generation of ecosystem services and building resilience in Istanbul.
Wilkinson, C. Challenges and possibilities of integrating the resilience concept in spatial planning theory and practice.

Other important scientifically related publications (including proceedings)
Barthel, S., Colding, J., Ernstson, H., Marcus, L., Erixon, H., and Thorsvall, J. 2010. Qbook4-Hållbarthet, Albano Resilient Campus. Akademiska Hus.
Colding, J. Urbana samfälligheter för hållbar fysisk planering. 2010. Det Urbana Landskapet. Lisberg Jensen, E. (Ed.). CBM:s skriftserie 37:55-59. Centrum för Biologisk Mångfald, Uppsala, Sweden.
Colding, J. 2010. Super: Sustainable urban planning for ecosystem services and resilience. Pages 35-40 in the URBAN-NET Research Anthology 2010.
Colding, J. 2010. Urbana samfälligheter för hållbar fysisk planering. Pages 55-59 in Lisberg Jensen, E. (ed.): Det Urbana Lanskapet. CBM:s skriftserie 37.
Ernstson, H., Barthel, S., Colding, J., Grahn, S., Marcus, L., Ingman, M, Kärsken, C. and Torsvall, J. 2009. Patch Work - a social-ecological prototype for the Albano area. Hagabladet.
van den Helm, S., van der Knaap, W., van Telgen, S. 2010. Sustainable Energy Landscapes: Biomass and other opportunities for an energy neutral City Region Arnhem Nijmegen. Wageningen University, The Netherlands.
Lenzholzer S, Snep RPH, Hereijgers R (2010). Biodiverse Business Sites- Contradictio in Terminis? In: ECLAS Conference 2010; Cultural Landscapes, Istanbul, Turkey, 29 September - 2 October 2010. - Istanbul, Turkey : European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools, ECLAS Conference 2010; Cultural Landscapes, Istanbul, Turkey, 2010-09-29/ 2010-10

Other relevant peer-reviewed articles within the subject area that has been published up to now.

Barthel, S, Sörlin, S. and Ljungkvist, J. (2011, expected) Urban Anthropocene: Innovative Memory for Resilient Cities With Echoes from Ancient Constantinople. In (Eds) Paul Sinclair, Frands Herschend, Chrstian Isendahl and Gullög Nordquist The Urban Mind, cultural and environmental dynamics. Studies in Global Archaeology
Ernstson, H. (accepted). Transformative collective action: a network approach to transformative change in ecosystem-based management. In Social Networks and Natural Resource Management. eds. Ö. Bodin and C. Prell. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. Ch 11.
Ljungkvist, J., Barthel, S., Finnveden, F.,and S. Sörlin. (2011, expected). Lessons for a Sustainable Urban Anthropocene from the Metabolic History of Constantinople. In (Eds) Paul Sinclair, Frands Herschend, Chrstian Isendahl and Gullög Nordquist The Urban Mind, cultural and environmental dynamics. Studies in Global Archaeology 15. Uppsala, Cambridge University Press.