Beijer Fellows

Åsa Gren | PhD (Ecologist), Researcher

Åsa Gren (formerly Jansson) works mainly with the quantification of ecosystem services in an urban landscape context. She is especially interested in analyzing multiple ecosystem services and to assess the impact of differences of scale of operation of different ecosystem services in a sustainable management context. In a world of constant change it is essential to build resilience in the social-ecological systems to more effectively meet these changes. The use of scenarios for e.g. urban development or climate change is an effective tool in this pursuit.

Åsa also have an interest in operationalizing the concept of resilience through quantification and valuation, e.g. by building bio-economic models, in collaboration with economists at the Beijer institute and at Uppsala University, using response diversity as a proxy for resilience. She has also been involved in applying the lens of ecosystem services and the social-ecological complex systems lens in an Arctic context, within the four year FP7, EU funded project ACCESS. A continuation of that project, with the purpose of running scenarios of potential impacts of climate change on social-ecological arctic systems, through new applications from the Horizon 2020 calls and the ERA-Net Biodiversa calls, is under way.

Åsa Gren


Phone + 46 8 673 97 08
Fax + 46 8 15 24 64
Address: The Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics, The Royal Swedish Academy of Science, Box 50005, SE-104 05 Stockholm Sweden


Inclusive Wealth and Accounting Prices (IWAP)

In this research programme, we attempt to test whether it would be possible to estimate accounting prices for ecological systems. The study area is the Stockholm County. The methods developed for estimating the accounting prices can later be applied to large scale systems, in order to assess the sustainability of the joint economic – natural systems.

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