Beijer Fellows

Gustav Engström | PhD (Economist), Researcher

Gustav Engström's research interests include climate change with a macroeconomic perspective and the economics of non- and renewable resource extraction. As of the autumn 2012 he will be engaged and funded by two independent research projects involving new developments in the arctic region and urban environmental planning respectively.

Gustav Engström


Phone + 46 8 673 97 10
Fax + 46 8 15 24 64
Address: The Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics The Royal Swedish Academy of Science Box 50005 SE-104 05 Stockholm Sweden


Beijer E-print Series
517 Construction of register-based commuting measures
Blind. I., M. Dahlberg, G. Engström and J. Östh. 2018. CESifo Economic Studies 64(2):292-326.

Beijer E-print Series
505 Capturing the value of green space in urban parks in a sustainable urban planning and design context: pros and cons of hedonic pricing.
Engstrom, G. and Å. Gren. 2017. Ecology and Society 22(2):21

Beijer E-print Series
502 Operationalising a social–ecological system perspective on the Arctic Ocean
Crépin, A.-C., Å. Gren, G. Engström and D. Ospina. 2017. Ambio 46(Suppl. 3):S475–S485

Beijer E-print Series
488 Resilience offers escape from trapped thinking on poverty alleviation
Lade, S.J., L.J. Haider, G. Engström, and M. Schlüter (2017). Science Advances 3(5):e1603043.

Beijer E-print Series
479 Capturing the value of green space in urban parks in a sustainable urban planning and design context: pros and cons of hedonic pricing
Engström, G., and Å. Gren (2017). Ecology and Society 22(2):21.

Beijer E-print Series
475 The risks of nuclear disaster and its impact on housing prices
Ando, M., M. Dahlberg, and G. Engström (2017). Economics Letter 154:13–16.

Beijer E-print Series
471  Structural and climatic change
Engström, G. (2016). Structural Change and Economic Dynamics 37:62–74.

Beijer E-print Series
449 Climatic tipping points and optimal fossil fuel use
Engström, G. and J. Gars (2016). Environmental and Resource Economics 65(3): 541-571. doi: 10.1007/s10640-016-0042-2.

Beijer E-print Series
428 Energy Balance Climate Models, Damage Reservoirs and the Time Profile of Climate Change Policy
Brock, W., G. Engström and A. Xepapadeas. (2015) In: Bernard, L., and W. Semmler (eds.). The Oxford Handbook of the Macroeconomics of Global Warming. Oxford University Press, New York, USA. Pp.19-52.

Beijer E-print Series
402 Three necessary conditions for establishing effective Sustainable Development Goals in the Anthropocene
Norström, A. V., A. Dannenberg, G. McCarney, M. Milkoreit, F. Diekert, G. Engström, R. Fishman, J. Gars, E. Kyriakopoolou, V. Manoussi, K. Meng, M. Metian, M. Sanctuary, M. Schlüter, M. Schoon, L. Schultz, and M. Sjöstedt. (2014). Ecology and Society 19(3): 8.

Beijer E-print Series
398 Spatial Climate- Economic Models in the Design of Optimal Climate Policies across Locations
Brock, W. A., G. Engström, and A. Xepapadeas. (2014) European Economic Review 69:78-103.

Beijer E-print Series
388 Social change vital to sustainability goals
Norström, A. V., M. Metian, M. Schlüter, L. Schultz, A. Dannenberg, G. McCarney, M. Milkoreit, F. Diekert, G. Engström, J. Gars, M. Sanctuary, R. Fishman, E. Kyriakopoulou, M. Sjöstedt, V. Manoussi, K. Meng, and M. Schoon. (2013) Nature Correspondence 498:299.

Beijer E-print Series
385 Energy balance climate models and the spatial structure of optimal mitigation policies
Brock, W. A., G. Engström, D. Grass, and A. Xepapadeas. (2013) Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 37(12):2371–2396.

Beijer E-print Series
357 General Resilience to Cope with Extreme Events
Stephen R. Carpenter, Kenneth J. Arrow, Scott Barrett, Reinette Biggs, William A. Brock, Anne-Sophie Crépin, Gustav Engström, Carl Folke, Terry P. Hughes, Nils Kautsky, Chuan-Zhong Li, Geoffrey McCarney, Kyle Meng, Karl-Göran Mäler, Stephen Polasky, Marten Scheffer, Jason Shogren, Thomas Sterner, Jeffrey R. Vincent, Brian Walker, Anastasios Xepapadeas and Aart de Zeeuw. Sustainability (2012), 4, 3248-3259; doi:10.3390/su4123248

Beijer E-print Series
289 Looming global-scale failures and missing institutions
Brian Walker, Scott Barrett, Stephen Polasky, Victor Galaz, Carl Folke, Gustav Engström, Frank Ackerman, Ken Arrow, Stephen Carpenter, Kanchan Chopra, Gretchen Daily, Paul Ehrlich, Terry Hughes, Nils Kautsky, Simon Levin, Karl-Göran Mäler, Jason Shogren, Jeff Vincent, Tasos Xepapadeas, Aart de Zeeuw Science, vol 325:1345-1346 (2009)

Beijer Discussion Paper
231 Energy Balance Climate Models and the Spatial Structure of Optimal Mitigation Policies
William Brock, Gustav Engström and Anastasios Xepapadeas. 2012.

Beijer Discussion Paper
227 Poverty traps and economic growth in a two-sector model of subsistence agriculture
Gustav Engström and Dieter Grass. 2011.

Beijer Discussion Paper
226 Energy balance climate models and the economics of climate change
William A. Brock, Gustav Engström and Anastasios Xepapadeas. 2011.

Beijer Discussion Paper
219 Assessing Sustainable Development in a DICE World
Gustav Engström. 2009.