Beijer Fellows

Britt Stikvoort | MSc, Research Assistant

Britt Stikvoort is employed as a research assistant within the BENN programme, and is currently exploring literature on consumer motivations for (un)sustainable consumption behaviour. She wrote a report with Therese Lindahl about 'nudges' (behavioural change techniques) for the Swedish think-tank Fores, and is assisting in disseminating its content via presentations and Fores-initiated round-tables. She is also assisting Agneta Sundin with website- and report development for the Global Economic Dynamics and the Biosphere (GEDB) programme.

Britt's academic background lies in communication sciences (MSc), from Wageningen University, (focus on social psychology, learning, and environmental communication) and sustainable development (MSc) at the Stockholm Resilience Centre (focus on human change towards sustainable behaviour).

Britt Stikvoort


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