Download ValueBaseSWE by clicking on the Excel icon below. Very important: Before using the database please download the project report by clicking on the PDF icon below. The report summarises the results of the survey of valuation studies. It also gives important information about the database and the data collection procedure. The report also contains a bibliography and summaries of valuation studies included in the database.

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ValueBaseSWE was last updated in December 2003. Last minor corrections were made on 28 January, 2004.



Welcome to ValueBaseSWE

The Valuation Study Database for Environmental Change in Sweden (ValueBaseSWE) was developed at the Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics within a project funded by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. The database is the result of a survey of empirical economic valuation studies on environmental change in Sweden.

ValueBaseSWE is a Microsoft Excel workbook with two spreadsheets. The first sheet contains data and the second sheet contains a list of abbreviations used in the database. Anyone is welcome to download and use the database. Whenever the database is used for presentations or publications, please refer to:

Sundberg, Sara, Söderqvist, Tore, 2004. ValueBaseSWE: A valuation study database for environmental change in Sweden. Available at, Beijer International Institute of Ecological Economics, The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Stockholm.

For more information about ValueBaseSWE, contact Tore Söderqvist (





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